Vessell Trim Co. Inc.

955 E. Riverside
Evansville, IN 47713
Phone: (812)- 424- 2963
Fax: (812)- 424- 2963
Showroom Hours
8:00am - 5pm Monday through Thursday
8:00am - 4pm Friday

The First Fifty Years

The Short History of Vessell Trim Co. Vessell Trim Co. was still a distant dream when Owen Vessell Jr. left the navy in 1946. He married Marilynn Wathen in 1947 and graduated from Lockyear's Business College with an associate degree in business in 1949. After graduation, he joined with George (Boots) Hooper and established the Riverside Trim Shop. The first location was a tin building with no floor, heat, electricity, or running water. Despite the austere conditions, Owen learned how to make and install seat covers.

About one year later, the building had a concrete floor, heat, and electricity, but no Boots. Owen's first partner decided to go his own way and left Owen to decide his next move.